Building Survey (formerly Structural Surveys)

It used to be called a Structural Survey and was often known by people in the industry as a Full Structural because of the comprehensive nature of the report.  It examines all accessible parts of the property. If you have particular concerns mention them when the surveyor rings you prior to the inspection to ensure they cover it in your report.

A Building Survey will include:

• A comprehensive inspection of all readily and safely accessible parts.

• Technical information on the construction of the property and materials used.

• Advice on the condition relative to current standards and the type and age of property.

• Extensive information and details of any major or minor defects.

• Recommendations for any further special investigations, if required.

• Defects are highlighted and advice given on the nature of any repairs.

• A valuation commenting on whether the agreed purchase price is correct and whether it reflects the condition of the property.

Do you need help deciding which survey you need? By far the best way to find out is to contact us for a quote but you can also take a look at our quick guide on the Which Survey? page.