RICS Homebuyer Report

A Homebuyer Report is a concise report, effectively a shortened Building Survey in a standard format set out by the RICS.  It is most suitable for conventional properties built after 1900 that are in reasonable condition.

It does not detail every aspect of the property but focuses on urgent matters needing attention.

A Homebuyer Report will include:

• A focus on essential defects and problems that are urgent and significant and could have an adverse affect on the value of the property.

• General condition and features of the property.

• Particular matters that should be referred to your legal advisers.

• Any relevant considerations i.e. safety matters, location, environment, insurance etc.

• Matters which are not judged to be urgent or significant will in general not be included in the report but the surveyor will mention matters judged to be helpful and constructive.

• A valuation commenting on whether the agreed purchase price is correct and whether it reflects the condition of the property.

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